Seasons Soy Candle

Seasons Soy Candle

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Hand poured right here in Ontario, featuring all natural soy wax to give you a long lasting, clean burn, with incredible scent.

Autumn Air-  Outdoorsy and woodsy with notes of clove and sandalwood.

Bayberry-  Deep warm berry scent with middle notes of rosemary and bottom notes of sweet musk.

Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake-  Pumpkin and caramel come together in this sweet scent.

Cedarwood & Tangerine-  notes of wood and tangerine

Chai Tea-  The spicy scent of chai with notes of cardamom and cinnamon.

Cranberry Spice-  this is a combination of autumn spices and cranberry with a hint of vanilla.

Cucumber & Mint- cool cucumber and refreshing mint

Earl Grey & Apple-The fresh scents of eucalyptus and apple with a hint of vanilla.

Elora Breeze- Clean and fresh with a bottom note of jasmine.

Elora Nights-This is the unmistakable scent of camping. A woodsy scent with a hint of smoke.

Eucalyptus & White Tea-Eucalyptus blended fresh citrusy notes of mandarin and bergamot. Middle notes of thyme and ginger add an herbal spice that blends beautifully with delicate jasmine blossoms

Fallen Leaves-  The woodsy scent of a forest with notes citrus and clove

French Market- A fresh French flower stall with roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose and iris blossom.

Hot Spiced Cider-  A warm scent of apple and spices.

Lavender – Clean and fresh lavender.

Lily Of The Valley - sweet and fragrant lily of the valley.

Mixed Berries- This is a delicious deep fruity scent of berries

Mulberry Spice-A beautiful blend of spicy mulberry enhanced with cinnamon, wild berries and bitter orange peels  

Sage & Cedarwood-  nutty & warm with the unmistakeable scent of cedar.

Strawberry Fields – The scent of summer…juicy strawberries bursting with flavour in the warm sun.

Vanilla & Cinnamon – sweet and spicy

Whiskey Neat – A masculine scent aged whiskey with a hint of oaky barrels.